Mining ECOsystem

Mining ECOsystem are following: operation systems for rig or asic, web-panel, telegram bot and integrated hardware.


Based on our projects practice learnings we decided to build our own Mining Operation system. Mining process from setting up mining hardware to commissioning is not straightforward. Mining process automation quickens project fulfillment. We have developed new product and successfully implemented on all mining stacks that we manage. Please see screenshots below.

After 10 months of running, we created backlog for development of new functionality. It includes integration of new hardware and opportunity to implement system at external projects. Another major change reflected in system architecture and server software.

This is how idea to develop next generation Mining ECOsystem software and present it to user community. Every user has personal demands. We want to collect as many as possible community requirements to fulfill them when building new product version.

ECOsystem's futures

  • Mobile-first approach
  • Access with 2FA (Google)
  • Hardware's working data
  • Rig/VGA/ASIC working data - temperature, frequency, fan speed
  • Miner's working data - uptime, hashrate, algo
  • Integration with pools - earnings, hashrate, algo
  • Most profitable coins auto mining based on data
  • Rig/ASIC management: reboot, poweroff, individual and mass commands
  • Miner setting and management - pool change, algo change, intensity, start, stop
  • Integrated hardware management: sensors, ip-relay
  • Dashboard with widgets
  • Hardware's working data graphics, realtime and history
  • RigOS image and ASIC firmware download from web-panel
  • Miner/ASIC settings backup subsystem
Rig operation system
  • OS image based on Ubuntu LTS 16.04
  • Noninteractive OS installation
  • Integrated NVIDIA CUDA 8/9 library
  • Preinstalled CPU and GPU miners:
    • ccminer
    • fork ccminer для lyra2rev2
    • fork ccminer для CPU
    • claymore
    • ewbf_cuda
    • CPU m-miner
  • Preinstalled VGA overclocking tools
  • Several GPU and CPU miners can be started simultaneously
  • Access to rig over ssh from web-panel
  • Encrypted home dir
  • OS and miners update subsystem
  • Connection to server is made over ipsec
  • Personal encryption keys for every OS image
  • Own software for getting data from videocards
ASIC firmware
  • ASIC management
  • Optimized resouces for running miners on asic
  • Miner update subsystem
  • Other miners can be started on asic
Telegram bot
  • Commands confirmation in web-panel
  • Rig/ASIC Individual or mass management: reboot/poweroff
  • Miner management: other miner startup, algo change, pool change, intensity change, start/stop
  • Mining hardware alerting and monitoring
Server software
  • Every user has it's own ecnrypted container
  • All data is encrypted


RigOS v2 has concurrent licences. This means unlimited devices can be connected to ECOsystem, but mining can be run on hardware units that received licence from server.

Amount of licences, pcs. Monthly licence price RigOS v2, $
You can support project by sending any sum using form below. Every supporter receives a bonuse from us. During development period (till public release) all donations are summed up!
Support project
Email/username are used for summing up payments. We do not share you email with 3rd parts.
All payments are accepted in cryptocoins.
Bonus for project support
Sum, equals to $ Bonus
4 - 35.99Access to ECOsystem during development period till public release, amount is summed up on the balance
36 - 99.99 + One lifetime licence
100 - 499.99+ Two lifetime licence+ Additional custom interface elements in web-panel+ 7% discount on first order in mining shop (partner)
500 - 999.99 + Two lifetime licence+ Set of additional hardware (watchdog, set of sensors - temperature, humidity, voltage, 2 ports ip-relay)
1000 - ... + Five lifetime licence+ First year licence price 25$ (normal 48$); e.g.: sum in 1000$ - 40 yearly licences, sum in 1200$ - 48 yearly licences+ 10% discount on collocation in mining hotel (partner)
Public version
Project solution
Datacenter edition